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About  Me

My name is Maggie McPherson and I am a NYC based actor hailing from the suburbs of Philadelphia. I guess you could say I've been following a natural instinct for the dramatics ever since I was a kid. When my mother caught me acting out the entirety of Barbie in the Nutcracker alone in my childhood bedroom at the ripe age of 6, she decided to do something about it.
From then, on I took tons of dance classes until in high school, I realized my true passion was to act. I have followed that passion ever since, and am now on the cusp of graduating from Syracuse University with a BFA in Musical Theatre.
When I'm not acting, I can be found reading. Lots of Fantasy books. Which if I'm being honest, often turns into me acting out said books alone in my bedroom. Not much has changed since I was a little kid. 
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